BowJax Crossbow Kit


BowJax Crossbow Kit that has everything you can install yourself without a bow press in just a few minutes. This kit has the same universally sized split limb dampeners.

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Easy to install stirrup dampeners, and a retention spring dampener. This Crossbow Kit really takes down the noise level. Thanks to customer feedback from crossbow users, the research and design team set to work on dampeners that can work to quiet even the most powerful crossbows.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: The limb dampeners should be placed midway distance between the cams and barrel. The limb dampeners are universally sized to fit gaps between 3/8″ up to 1 1/8″ wide. These install easily with provided screws. You should place the arms of the Limb Dampeners parallel to the limbs and face them on the inside of the limbs. The X-bow string silencers should be placed at least 6 inches from the ends- they require a bow press as they go in between the strands of the crossbow string.

Instructions for Retention Spring Dampeners: You’ll want to place these approximately half-way down the spring, leaving fletching clearance. Instructions for the Stirrup Dampeners: These install easy without a bow press if you have a removable style stirrup (with a screw in place). You simply unscrew the stirrup and place one on each side of the stirrup as shown. If you don’t have a removable stirrup we don’t recommend using stirrup dampeners.


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