Hands-Free Grunter


Used by successful Gun and Bow hunters everywhere.

It is the world’s only 100% hands free or hands on patented interactive deer call.

Unlike most calls, Hands-Free Grunter has precisely duplicated the natural communication of deer. Hands-Free Grunter has the ability to effectively call all deer during any season in any circumstance.


In stock


In stock



Special Features:

  • 100% Hands Free Quick Pin Body Mount or Can be Hand Held
  • 4 in 1 Adjustable O-ring Settings
  • Range Extender Tube
  • Versatile Tone Range Adjustment
  • Will Not Freeze, Inhale Activation

Body Mounting Instructions

  1. Pin mouthpiece section to collar bone area, high enough to reach your mouth
  2. Adjust swivel to direct short hose towards your mouth.
  3. Pin main call section under arm.
  4. Do not leave any slack in the rubber tube.
  5. For safety purposes stick safety pin through clothing. Put tubing inside of open pin, then latch shut. Do Not pin through tubing.


Changing Tone: To change to and from fawn, doe, buck and dominant buck, hold the back end of the call with one hand and the housing of the call with the other hand while twisting and pulling at the same time. Move the “O” ring to the desired setting and snugly put the call back together.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. It is advised that you take off call while walking through areas where the tubing may get snagged, stretched or cause injury. Avoid getting lanyard rope tangled around neck, choking can occur.

Calling Directions/Tips

With no deer in sight, inhale on call giving 3 short grunts spaced seconds apart, every 20-25 minutes

With deer in sight, call softly, keeping the tone low and short. Each grunt is singular. Stop calling if the deer responds.

Use the Range Extender Tube for long range calls. It will expand and contract to create a deep and loud rutting sound and has 4 different deer calls.

With the Versatile Tone Range Adjustment the hunter is able to control the calls from a distance of 5 yards to a louder call at 125 yards. The hunter controls the level of volume from low to high. It is regulated by the flow of air as needed for each individual situation.


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